Rare Disease Patients Have Many Questions. Do You Have the Right Answers?

At NORD’s Rare Diseases & Orphan Products Breakthrough Summit, key stakeholders and industry leaders of the rare disease community will come together to identify breakthrough treatment options and therapies for patients with rare diseases. Nicole Hebbert, Vice President of UBC’s Commercial Services Operations, will be part of the panel discussion titled, “Coordinate the Channels to Ensure Coverage — Specialty Pharmacy, Hub and Distribution Strategies to Facilitate Reimbursement.” This panel will explore necessary considerations for rare disease products when implementing access, distribution and reimbursement strategies.

At UBC, we know that coordination is the key to ensuring a successful therapeutic journey. For rare disease patients, this journey is as unique as they are. Our comprehensive service offering provides our pharma partners with unique solutions to ensure that their journey is navigated successfully. Here is a look at some of the most pressing questions rare disease patients face during their therapeutic journey.

UBC helps you answer these questions with our 360° solutions.

Q. What is being done to develop rare disease treatments?
A. As a global clinical research organization (CRO), UBC offers a range of rare disease Clinical Development and Late Stage Clinical Research services, including clinical trial implementation and management, patient recruitment, peri and postapproval studies, registries, and value demonstration studies. We have provided patient recruitment and retention services for more than 35 rare disease studies.

Q. How can I be sure these treatment options are safe to use?
UBC has developed, implemented, and/or evaluated more risk management programs than any other provider, including for 15 rare diseases. Our Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance services help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers maximize orphan product performance by managing risk before, during, and after launch.

Q. Will I be able to afford my therapy?
A. Our Reimbursement services help build brand loyalty with rare disease patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals by successfully addressing issues that stand in the way of patient access. In 2014, our Reimbursement Hubs coordinated services for more than 39,000 rare disease patients and provided more than 834,400 high-touch inbound and outbound calls. For uninsured and underinsured rare disease patients, UBC can design a Patient Assistance Program using our industry-leading experience and innovative technology solutions. With access to more than 300 alternate funds, UBC can eliminate financial barriers for patients, while ensuring manufacturers remain the payer of last resort.

Q. How do I administer my medication?
A. Building relationships with trusted healthcare professionals helps rare disease patients to fully engage in their treatment. Year after year, nurses rank as the most trusted professionals in the country. A UBC-trained clinician is within driving distance of 90% of the U.S. population. Our Nursing and Adherence solutions provide patient-centric care, therapy education, and product administration.

Q. How do I get my medication?
A. UBC’s sister company, Accredo® Specialty Pharmacy, has cared for more orphan and ultra-orphan patients than any other pharmacy. Our specialty distribution team provides medication to nearly 27,000 hospitals, physicians, and clinics.

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