Weight loss journey with VLCAD

When I was first diagnosed with Vlcad I had already spent 8 months on steroids which put me around the 14 stone mark on the scales, and being only 5ft it was a very to look in the mirror and see such a change in me.

After my diagnosis and settling into my new life style diet change to help with keeping vlcad under control, managed to loose a stone naturally, but trying to shift anymore was just so hard……infact it felt near on impossible and was getting me down.

Looking in the mirror and seeing such a drastic change in the way you look from the way you used to look and also having a very new mum body after an emergency cesarean, was just all to much.

I had heard so much about diets and all the positive and negative behind them all, and I was never a believer in them. I always told myself if you cut out the high fat, sugary foods anyone can loose weight….. How wrong was I. I now know that sometimes we need support to keep us on the healthy path with food choices and so I took the big step in my life and decided to join slimming world.


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January 4th 2016 I will never forget it, it was a cold day and I took the plunge and got on my mobility scooter and as soon as I got to the door I wanted to turn back, I felt sick to my stomach with nerves. However I didn’t turn back I actually went in the door and was surprised how friendly everyone was, and I was made so welcome. I took a seat and at the end of the meeting I left the group feeling so determined and having the support of my husband and my kids was also a big help.

I am nearly 3 years in to my journey and with a few up and downs with my health along the way, I have managed to loose 2st 3lb and hit my target. I really never thought this would be possible especially having a rare illness where I can’t break down fat, so to me it’s like a miricle and I really have to thank slimming world and all the great support for that.


Over the last few years doing slimming world I have also gained some confidence back and made some lovely friends for life, and I can actually say I am happy in my own skin now.

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Hi My Name is Gemma, I am one of the founders. I am the wife to Adam, and mum to our boys as well as a retired Nurse. Hi My Name is Adam, I am one of the founders. I am husband to Gemma and father to our boys.

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