Unexpected fatigue

Having a rare disease where using the slightest of energy can cause severe tiredness known as fatigue.

Today I woke up feeling very well in myself and decided to clean my work surfaces, with my favourite product called zoflora (all you hinch lovers will understand this). However for someone like me just doing cleaning is not so simple, the slightest of energy used up can cause me to go into a metabolic crises.

I managed to clean my work surfaces in the kitchen and to replace the energy I had used up, I had a good lunch straight after.

The last half an hour I’ve come over all tired, where just typing this is such a struggle as my eyes just want to shut but this kind of fatigue I could loose hours of the day and not a single noise could wake me.

It’s times like this where fatigue just creeps up on me and that’s it for the day, so the rest of my day will include extra calories to keep my muscles energised and sleep so my body can rest.

If you look at this picture of the spoon theory, it will give you an idea of how easy it is to run out of energy and i find it is a very easy theory to follow. Spoon-theory

I hope this blog can help anyone else who suffers fatigue and to know you are not alone with this.

Hi My Name is Gemma, I am one of the founders. I am the wife to Adam, and mum to our boys as well as a retired Nurse. Hi My Name is Adam, I am one of the founders. I am husband to Gemma and father to our boys.

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