Rare Disease Day February 2022

On the 28th of February, it is a day where everyone comes together to raise awareness for rare disease day, by doing this it brings everyone together to raise awareness of many rare diseases out there that need to be acknowledged and understood.

Rare Disease Day gives us an opportunity to share our own stories and raise this awareness via social media, therefore by doing this you will be amazed how many people then contact us.

This year we are going to be showing our colours, this can be shared in lots of ways but we have decided to share photos of your rare ones wearing colours.

Many Thanks

If you would like to share your rare one or your story with us and you don’t mind them being published on our social media pages and website, then please do get in touch. I will be adding colours to all the photos sent to us and they will be shared over the course of the day on the 28th of February and don’t forget to add your hashtag (#ShowYourColors).

The Metabolic Foundation