The Metabolic Foundation provide information, advice and support to all families with fatty oxidation disorders within the uk and worldwide.

*Fundraise in memory of Jack Linford (Yorkshire families youngest son) who passed away aged 2 in Sept 2014 due to the metabolic disease – VLCAD

*We fundraise for specialist hospitals who have supported us with our own conditions, we believe that every patient and family deserves the best possible care, and by raising funds for new projects we can offer extra care within genetic metabolic conditions.

*Improve understanding of fatty oxidation disorders

*Our current project :
Looking into ways of improving the diagnostic process for patients with these diseases, by researching the genetics of patients DNA and finding ways that the team can make a diagnosis quicker. By diagnosing quicker, patients can be treated quicker which will reduce the risk of the condition becoming worse.

Please have a read of our goals for our future plans.

Thank you.